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Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow) and the NGO "Youth Achievements": teaching students the skills of success continues

Credit Suisse and Junior Achievement: teaching students about Success Skills continues

On March 30-31 2011 groups of JA Russia’s students attended two Success Skills master classes hosted by volunteers of Credit Suisse Bank, Moscow. The topic of the master classes was “How to be…” The master-classes aim was to discuss the concepts of success, and review skills for successful employment, business-management and financial well-being. Credit Suisse volunteers gave master-classes to high school students to help them understand the importance of career and money management decisions in their own life strategies.

The project continued with master-classes hosted by Credit Suisse Bank, Moscow on May 12 and 13. Volunteers told students the story of Credit Suisse, its background, organization and services, and spoke about their professional choice and career experience. All topics were of particular interest, and the attendees gained new knowledge and better understanding from a master-class given by Credit Suisse (Moscow) volunteers who committed their time and expertise to encourage young people to think at an early stage about ways they manage their lives and to make wise decisions about careers and money management to determine what options are best for them.

Our sincere thanks to our partners – volunteers of Credit Suisse Bank, Moscow:

Richard Kempson, Vasiliy Filippov, Andrey Chuprin, Evgeny Kazakov,

Marina Shevenina, Svetlana Orlenko, Tatiana Kazakova

What master-classes participants think:

I enjoyed very much Success Skills Master-class. It was most interesting to learn aboutCredit Suisse, meet Credit Suisse employees, and get advices on how to gain employability skills. Thank you!

On March 30th 2011 my class and I participated in the Master-class at Credit Suisse. I wish to thank most sincerely all organizers of the event. Interesting speakers, opportunity to communicate in English, engaging task – everything was exciting and impressive! Thank you!

As a participant of JA Success Skills master-class at Credit Suisse I would like to thank very much all organizers of this event which gave me an opportunity to become a more confident and knowledgeable person. Thank you!

Huge thank you for master-class at Credit Suisse! I liked it very much! All information was most interesting and useful. I am sure this meeting will impact my future.

I am very pleased to express sincere thanks for invitation to attend the master class Success Skills. Thanks to meeting and communication with Credit Suisse employees I gained an experience I can use in career choice and successful employment. Very best wises of success to Credit Suisse and Junior Achievement!

Thank you very much, Junior Achievement and Credit Suisse for your kind invitation to attend Success Skills master-class. It was an invaluable experience for each of participants. We learned a lot about banking and received important advices and new skills. This experience was unforgettable and gave us confidence to apply for a range of jobs in the future. We hope to be granted opportunity to attend more events like this.

Recently a group of students of our school was invited to a Junior Achievement master-class Success Skills. We were very interested and extremely excited, because the event took place at the famous and prestigious Credit Suisse Bank.

This global bank with branches across the world provides services to solid and respectable clients. We were very proud to have a chance to meet employees of Credit Suisse. We learned a lot about banking, and it was very interesting to listen to professionals in this field. It was great to experience a communication in English language, although I was not familiar with the topic and many terms, the speaker talked about bank and banking in words and manner understandable for unprepared and interested listener. I am most grateful for opportunity to attend the event that opened for me the world of banking and business. It tuned to be and interesting and attractive world. It was an enjoyable and memorable experience. Thank you!

I was very much looking forward to visiting a global bank and attending Success Skills master-class. And when this day came I enjoyed every minute of it. When we approached the bank building – very high and grand – it impressed me immediately. And the interior of the building was certainly of indescribable beauty. Magnificent lighting cleanliness all around and even the walls were glowing!

We were cordially welcomed at the bank. While we were going to the conference room where the master class was held, I noticed how quiet it was in the office, although there were many people working there. I thought it was an important indication of mutual respect of employees towards each other – all people were busy and did not disturb their colleagues.

When in the conference room we were kindly offered to take a sit, and the event started. Mr. Richard Kempson presented Credit Suisse global activities. He was speaking English, and I was pleased to understand what he was saying both while presenting the bank activities and also sharing his own professional experience and career path. I could hardly believe all that was happening to me, and that I was in the same room and at the same table with a top manager of a worldwide famous bank.

One more remarkable experience was a role play – we were divided into small groups and role played. Each group performed very well, and I was very proud of my team – we all did our best. Certainly some of us were a bit shy (me too!) but on the whole it was well done! And it was confirmed by certificates each of us received after this marvelous event. It was very pleasant. I felt extremely proud of being at such important place. I certainly wish to thank organizers of the event for all this. If I am granted a chance to attend such event in the future, I will never miss it!

As a participant of master-class at Credit Suisse Bank (Moscow) I want to express my gratitude for this outstanding experience. It was so interesting and pleasant to be in the Bank’s marvelous office, for a couple of hours to feel myself as a direct participant of important and great deals that people working here are engaged in. To learn how banks operates not through a textbook, but from a conversation with the employees! It was one of the brightest events throughout the year! Thank you!

I think, that this is exactly, how it was during the master-class at Credit Suisse Bank (Moscow) – briefly, clearly, distinctly, in a friendly way, on equal terms, one could best gain knowledge about professional careers. It was my first experience, and I would like to thank bank employees for this opportunity.

Visit to Credit Suisse Bank (Moscow) was of great importance to me, because although I have already made my professional choice and would like to be a bank employee, it was my very first experience to see the real bank operations. All what I saw, and mainly what I heard from the bank volunteers convinced me that I’ve made the right choice. I hope my plans will come true, and I regard meeting successful and experienced professionals as a milestone. Thanks You!

I am not quite sure yet about my future career, however I was pleased and curious to attend the master-class hosted by the bank. Not everyone is lucky to have such chance, but we were lucky! I was certainly greatly impressed by the office and bank employees, and the remarkable way we, students, were welcomed, and all we saw and heard. I enjoyed being in a company of real professionals, successful and simply very pleasant people, and I really learn a lot from them. I hope that once I will be like them…”

We would like to thank most sincerely Junior Achievement and Credit Suisse Bank (Moscow) for master-classes organized for our children. It happened that children visited the bank few days before we met at school attending the parent meeting, and many of us could share impressions we heard from our children about the event hosted by Credit Suisse, about communication with employees, and remarkable activities our kids experienced under their guidance. Kids came back home inspired, charged with energy and kind attitude. They told with great enthusiasm about people they met, who shared with them loads of interesting and useful information. We’d also like to note another positive aspect of this experience – children were more willing to talk, discuss, plan and dream about their future with us, parents… Thank you very much to both organizations! We appreciate your attention and care towards our children!

A group of parents


   «Ярмарка школьных компаний –  один из самых занимательных проектов от Junior Achievement Russia, в котором наш лицей уже не первый раз принимает участие. Это замечательное мероприятие – прекрасный шанс для молодежи опробовать себя в чём-то новом: производстве и продаже товаров, разработке и продвижении собственного бренда, управлении работой настоящей компанией. Все эти умения, без всякого сомнения, поспособствуют развитию нашего поколения как будущих предпринимателей и инноваторов, маркетологов и экономистов, изобретателей и руководителей .... »

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